Analysis of Romney’s RNC Speech

Romney’s speech at the Republican National Convention focused mainly around the economy, military, and his and his father’s life story. The first thing Romney started off with was 4 years ago when we elected Obama we were happy and excited as a country for the Hope and Change he had promised, but now four years later we are no longer optimistic and the hope and change we never got and he also pointed out if we were all so excited then shouldn’t we be as excited now as the election is coming up. He then went in and described we are a nation of immigrants, and as immigrants we are excited to see the Statue of Liberty because it means our children will have better lives than what we did and we see the freedoms that await us the freedom of speech and religion, not the thinking of our children may not have jobs when they graduate college and be paying off the nation’s debt as well as their children’s. America used to be the place where if you got rich and became successful we praised you not taxed you and if you did become successful it was the time to coach your sons little league because you had the time, hire people who helped you along the way and take care of your elderly mother that now lives alone. Not to worry that your country is coming with an axe and taxing you left and right so you can’t take breaks and coach that little league team, and you can’t hire people and take care of your elderly mother because you have to use that money to pay your taxes.

Romney then went into his father’s story of being a Mexican immigrant and living off the government because they lived as refugees from Mexico. He also described that his father never became rich, never graduated college and worked as an intern as a carpenter, but when his father said enough was enough he ran as governor and eventually became governor of Michigan.

Then that followed with Romney’s story of having five boys and realizing that his wife Ann had a hard job being a mother to his boys. When they moved to Massachusetts they leaned on their church, the same church that had a diverse congregation with new immigrants. That taught them the goodness of family, friends and of course their faith.

That brought him back to the excitement of Obama becoming president 4 years ago and how the only day you were excited for him was the day he was elected which is a problem. He also described that we wanted him to succeed, but when he went into office he had very little experience in business and the economy on the fundmental’s of America. That led to him giving us the worst economic recovery in American history.

That led Romney into Bain Capital he helped found when he was 37 years old. He described that together with his partners he helped save Staples, Sports Authority, create a steel mill in Indiana that today is the biggest in the country, and helped Wide Horizons an early childhood learning center which Michelle Obama has praised.

Now, like I said the economy was a huge aspect of his speech so he went back to that topic after Bain Capital and said that we should praise small businesses not apologize for them. Then he compared Obama to Jimmy Carter saying that the only president before Obama that we felt worst off during an economic recovery was Carter and that during Obama’s recovery

  • Health Insurance is higher
  • Electric bills are higher
  • Food bills are higher
  • Gas has doubled in price

That the way we fix this is not to raise taxes on small businesses because that will corrupt them. Not to stop production on oil and other fossil fuels because that will bring jobs to China.  Absolutely not to cut military spending doing so will destroy 100,000 jobs and put us at a greater risk of an attack. Then he went to one of the most controversial things — health care. Describing that Obamacare will double the cost of health insurance and it’s the biggest tax hike on the middle class in America’s history.

Then of course he went into his and Ryan’s plan that consists of five things.

  • By 2020 he will make America dependent on our own oils that we get from our backyard not foreign oil
  • He will invest in the skills of today and future jobs, by allowing parents to choose the school their kids go to (reducing the unions in public schools)
  • If a country cheats and trades there will be consequences, not a shoulder and acting like it didn’t happen
  • He will become a job creator by balancing the budget and decreasing the deficit
  • Champion small businesses, cut taxes, simplifying small business so its easier to get more jobs, and repealing and replacing Obamacare.

This led him into the other policies he will do while he is president. He wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class, honor marriage between man and woman, freedom of religion so we don’t have to be scared to say “God Bless America.”  He also said that on his first weeks of becoming president he will do a jobs tour not an apology tour. He did praise Obama for killing Bin Laden but then said as he is dead but we are still less secure. With Iran’s nuclear threat and the first interview Obama did he said he would talk to them.

Romney also mentioned that Obama has said as president he will help the planet but Romney will be for you and your family not the planet. He then concluded with he will make America one again and not divide America between the rich and the poor, black and white, and republican and democrat. 

Senior Staff Writer

Pennie Hull


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