Awards Season

Moonman, Emmy, red carpet, and glamorous movie stars. What do all these things have in common? Well if your asking let me clue you in– it is awards season. Every year something major happens– girls kissing girls, people wearing snakes, the drama and rumors start days in advance. Award season brings out the best and the worst in our beloved actors and actresses, not to mention the music artists preparing to sabotage a fellow singers acceptance speech.

one small step for Kanye, one giant foot in his mouth

The madness that is the MTV VMAs (video music awards) is always funny, however, this year the jokes were raised to a new bar as comedian Kevin Hart hosted. The performances are always over the top; literally One Direction was on a huge raised platform, and Pink loved showing off her flying acrobatics– not to mention the mosh pit Greenday put on?

The Emmys while much more reserved, still had drama and rumors.  Which award show was flashier or more scandalous? Who were the winners? 

Check back here this week as we will discuss the winners on Wednesday and Thursday.

Senior Staff Writer

Katie McEntyre


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