This Day in History – October 4

90210 Premieres

On October 4th 1990 the famous TV drama about teenagers living in upscale Beverly Hills debuts on Fox.  90210 eventually became one of the top ranked shows on the new Fox network, which launched in 1986, and the unknown cast members became household names. The show originally centered around Brenda (Shannon Dougherty) and Brandon Walsh ( Jason Priestley) middle class high school twins from Minnesota who relocated to Beverly Hills with their parents. The Walsh’s attended a fictional West Beverly Hills High School, along with the bad boy Dylan (Luke Perry), popular blonde Kelly (Jennie Garth), rich kid Steve (Ian Ziering), virginal Donna (Spelling) and nerdy David (Brian Austin Green), and of course the show wouldn’t be a drama without a lot of love triangles, and at the same time trying to graduate high school and moving on to college and careers. The final episode of Beverly Hills 90210 premiered on May 17, 2000, and of course we all know about the new version of 90210 which premiered on September 2, 2008 which has a new cast and some old faces from the old version as well.

What’s your favorite 90210 episode or memory?

What do you think is the best TV Drama?

Senior Staff Writer

Pennie Hull


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