First Debate of the 2012 Presidential Election

Wednesday night was a clear win for Romney. Romney was on top of his game, calling out Obama, but President Obama wasn’t looking at the camera most of the time. Romney was quick on his feet and polished as he actually cut off the mediator during one part of the debate and challenged Obama on the facts of his plan.

Romney used the Vice President’s words against Obama restating “under the president’s policies, middle-income Americans have been buried.” Romney also brought up that food stamps and unemployment are at all-time highs under Obama, and his taxes on the wealthy will make small businesses pay and create no job growth as a consequence.

Romney’s plan will be deficit neutral and not hurt middle class families. In closing arguments Romney argued that Obama doesn’t deserve a second term because the deficit has grown, there has been unemployment above 8% for 42 straight months under Obama, food stamps and unemployment have risen to record highs, and Obama can’t use bipartisanship to get things done anymore, but Romney has done it in Massachusetts with a 87% democratic state and worked to get Romneycare passed.

Obama fought to cast Romney as bad for working Americans. He slammed Romney for turning the Medicare system into a voucher, wanting to repeal Obamacare and allegedly pushing a tax cut for top earners.  Obama also said,  “it’s not about where we have been but where we are going.”

Obama accused Romney of wanting to roll back regulations and implement tax cuts skewed toward the wealthy. Obama also brought up several times that Romney’s plan will add taxes of 5 trillion dollars. Obama’s closing arguments included that he is still cleaning up the previous administration’s mess and needs four more years to clean it up.

Senior Staff Writer

Pennie Hull


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