Election 2012 — What’s the Difference?

Obama: “Both governor Romney and I believe that corporate taxes are too high.”
American corporate income is at an all time high, but we need to give them more tax cuts? In spite of the fact that they are making so much more and wages are lower than ever, we need to give corporations more tax cuts.
All I saw was a pair of barely distinguishable starving vampires fighting for my approval, one of them just so happened to be more desperate. Although that’s probably because he hasn’t yet faced the horror power brings.
They share puppet masters. That’s all this really is, we’re watching a puppet show, to distract us from the similarities. Social issues are blown out of proportion, (i.e. Gay Rights) but we’ll ignore the privatization of our prison system, and the the activities of our military.
Obama and Romney aren’t different enough to see at a glance, but different enough for me to be able to say Obama is the better candidate.
New York Times:
Senior Staff Writer
Scott Doyle

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