This Day in History – October 15

Come on down you are the next contestant on the price is right. This famous line has been around since 1956, but on this day in 2007 the show’s most iconic host Bob Barker retired and with that led a highly publicized search for his replacement. That man would be Drew Carrey who still hosts the CBS daytime show today. Carrey before landing the new gig had starred in his own show from 1995 to 2004 called The Drew Carrey Show. He also hosted an improvisation comedy show called Who’s Line is it Anyway. Then he got his first job in the game show biz hosting a show called the power of 10 in 2007, and now hosting the show since his first episode on October 15, 2007. With that said “Help control the pet population don’t forget to get your dog spayed or neutered.”

What’s your favorite game show?

Senior Staff Writer

Pennie Hull


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