This Day in History — October 18

In 1867 the US took Alaska from the Russians for a bargaining price of 2 cents an acre that comes to about 7.2 million dollars all together. Alaska being over 586,412 square miles and twice the size of Texas, this was a deal we just couldn’t give up. Did you know that Alaska has two holidays of its own to commemorate its origins: the first being Seward’s Day, observed the last Monday in March and celebrates the March 30, 1867 signing of the land treaty between the US and Russia; and of course Alaska Day which is observed every October 18 and celebrates the anniversary of the land transfer. Today Alaska is a beautiful place that is capturing great memories with hundreds of people each day with its snowy mountains, cold weather year round and gigantic whales this place is truly one of the world’s most beautiful sites and tourist destinations for present and future generations to visit.

Have you visited Alaska?  Tell us your story and post a picture.

Senior Staff Writer

Pennie Hull


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