Springboard Cafe Open

We will open the dining room tomorrow and Thursday this week.  If you are a teacher, I would be grateful if you could make this announcement to your students for me.  All orders (dine in and carryout) will be taken in the dining room side.  Our carryout counter we normally serve from will be closed this week.  You can place your carryout order with the host/hostess. We have a small waiting area in the dining room available for you to sit and wait for your order.  Our menu will consist of chicken salad sandwich, egg salad sandwich, hamburger and cheeseburgers, fries, chips, and our special will be a chili dog with shredded cheddar cheese and finely chopped onions.  You can opt for a hot dog if you do not want chili as well.  All meals will be $5.00 and include a drink.  Our class is working hard on getting our dining room ready.  We look forward to seeing you at lunch.  Our operating hours will be from 11:30-12:40.
Thank you,
Chef Benavides

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