Describe a time when you earned the respect of someone.
What did you do to earn their respect?
How did this change your relationship with them?


6 thoughts on “Respect

  1. A time I earned someones respect was in 6th grade. We went to a camp for the end of the year trip which was a great experience. I got a partner for tents and he didn’t come prepared. He forgot a sleeping bag and a pillow. I am the type of person to bring extra, so I gave him my extra items and helped him carry his stuff to the tent. This changed our relationship because before the trip we didn’t know each other, not even names. During the camping trip we ended up getting to know each other, which got us both to learn we were a lot alike and we became great friends.


  2. My junior year I earned respect from Mrs. Nic. To earn her respect I continued to do all my work in her class and help other kids that needed help. I also continued to give her the respect she deserves. This changed our relationship in a possitive way, we got alot closer and now I can talk to her if I’m having any problems and I can come to her for help if I need it for other classes.We can’t pick favorite teachers, but she’s on the top three.


  3. The time I earned respect with someone was when I saved my cousin’s life. She was choking at a Christmas Party on a toy and I did the heimlich manuever. This hasn’t really changed my relationship with her. She appreciates that I was with her when that happened.


  4. I earned the respect of someone who was about to get jumped by a couple of guys. I used my magnifigant manipulation skills to convice the others that fights was not going to solve anything, and that it would only lead to futher more violence. They realized that the reason that they were about to fight was over something childish, and decided to drop the beef.


  5. The day I joined the Army my dad came up to me and said he was jealous of me because I was doing something that he wanterd to do when he was my age but couldn’t because he got in an accident and broke his back. I didn’t know why he would be jealous at first but then i realized that he had a different attitude around me and he started to show me more respect and that he was trusting me more. From the day on I realized I earned his respect and our relationship has grown more then it was ever before.


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