Everyone will be =

Everyone will be =


2 thoughts on “Everyone will be =

  1. Weshould maximize people’s strengths to help move forward as a whole. I think that new companies should be given a jump start to help compete but not to hold back bigger companies. Also I feel that many people need to learn at their own pace and should be allowed to do so that way ii t sticks with the person instead of knowing the lesson for a short time.


  2. A) No they should not, the world isn’t fair and we will advance further as a civilization if companies maximize their strengths and move at whatever speed they want and find suitable for them to grow and maintain as a company.
    B) It should be the students choice as to whether or not they want to help out, a good person will help out and a more “negative” person will move ahead and leave others behind. But when that negative person moves ahead of everyone leaving everyone behind, he/she will find his/her self left alone with no help.


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