School Views

School Views


5 thoughts on “School Views

  1. I would feel fear, if our school board can’t trust its students without cause then the government must reasons not to trust normal innocents that are not being shared. Implications can involve a psychological affect on students that can bring on paranoia and cause a few emotional changes in students. Also videos can be hacked as our websites are easily infected with viruses that can be spread to every student.


  2. I would be more conscious of what I look like, and would act accordingly. Uncomfortable shifting and the like.
    The implication would be one of two things: You suspect someone of wrong doings, and hope to catch them at it, or you suspect ghosts have come to try to get your phone number.
    If the video feed was broadcasted live, I would suspect that you have a third motive: Reality T.V.


  3. It would be a violation of civil rights and the school would be sued for violating our rights by various organizations and parents.
    The implications would great. The school would probably be closed down.
    If this was broadcasted live I would hold up signs to the camera and tell the people watching it to text random numbers.


  4. i would feel the same. its not like i would be doing anything different or have something to hide infront of a camera. my school life would still be the same. the only time i would feel violated is if they had cameras in the bathroom.


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