Private Domain




Find out more about the concept of “Panopticon”

…and order a pizza in 1984.


4 thoughts on “Private Domain

  1. The “right to privacy” isn’t a right to begin with. People often say that other brave men have fought for our rights, and in a way I can understand what they mean, but in the truest sense, your right to something is only something you can take.
    For instance, on your computer, to be angry that someone is watching your conversation from somewhere else is rather naive. There’s always the possibility of someone watching you. So if you feel uncomfortable, you should try something else. Write a program that codes your conversation. Don’t use the computer, communicate by mail, or a smoke signal code. Your privacy is an allusion unless you take steps to be unheard by those not in the conversation.
    Another example would be if you sleep over at a friends house, and you sleep on their couch. Do you expect that family to not use their living room, not to walk through it in the middle of the night, because you are using it as your own room? Rather, you must find your own comfort zone, in which you do not feel as if you are being observed.


    1. What happens when your comfort zone is reduced to the confines of your skull or less? 1984 warns us of the reduction in private domain. Yes, we must be active in managing our own privacy — we should not simply expect a right like this to be given freely or upheld naturally; but are our options dwindling? No smoking rules also means no smoke signals.


      1. The confines of your skull is precisely the beginning of finding privacy beyond yourself. I fully agree that the phrase “If you are innocent you have nothing to hide” is wrong on many different levels, but in the same breath, I would also say that if the case is that you are NOT comfortable with what is in your head, you should take a moment to question their own ideas. As far as I know, no one can tell what is in your head, other than from judging your facial expressions, and actions. If you find yourself in a position where that last remaining area of privacy has been breached, that would seem to take priority over any physical space you would like to occupy privately. I would rather take a dump in public than to allow others inside my mind freely. Others may possibly disagree.
        I do not think that our options are dwindling, however. I think that any attempt to breach privacy from outsiders will always cause people who feel violated to come up with countermeasures, similar to plants in the rain forest coming up with toxins to fend off bugs, who in turn become immune to that toxin, to which the plants create a stronger toxin, and the cycle continues. Any attack will provoke us to come up with ideas that never occurred to us before.


  2. We all need something private in our lives to help us emotionally and mentally stay stable, I think a private domain should be home life, social life (depending on the person), and your relationship with your significant other


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