Social Sense



2 thoughts on “Social Sense

  1. I guess it depends on how you take your definition of deindividualization. If someone where to live their life as a “only child”, and then was moved into a household with cousins or other family, they might feel as if they’ve been deindividualized.
    On the other hand, depending on the child’s attitude, a child in the same situation might feel as if they have more people to interact with, and therefore comes up with more of a well rounded individual personality.
    So from that, I can assume that deindividualization occurs when you feel a sense of inferiority, and because of that refrain from expressing yourself. Deindividualism isn’t something that people do to you, but you chose for yourself.
    So… I guess my answer would be that I’ve never felt that…. I guess I just had fun thinking about the prospect in general.


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