Post 101

The End of Men

Be it resolved, men are obsolete…

Since the beginning of human civilization, men have been the dominant sex. But now, for the first time, a host of indicators suggest that women are not only achieving equality with men but are fast emerging as the more successful sex of the species. Whether in education, employment, personal health or child rearing, statistics point to a rise in the status and power of women at home, in the workplace, and in traditional male bastions such as politics. But are men, and the age-old power structures associated with “maleness,” permanently in decline? Or do men still retain significant control over the workplace, the family and society at large, including women? In sum, where are the sexes headed in the 21st century?

To find out, the Munk Debates will move the motion: be it resolved men are obsolete…

One thought on “Post 101

  1. I think sexual education is appropriate so long as it is an elective class. I think it would be fine so long as they had a parent/guardian signature saying that they could be in the class. They should be educated on sexuality in an open-minded manner and completely unbiased toward any certain activity, preference, or anything considered sexual.


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