Be a Man


7 thoughts on “Be a Man

  1. To be a man you must flex your masculinity. This mean you have to prove yourself, show how brave you are, show what you are capable of doing, whether it is law abiding or not.


  2. I think to be a man means you have to live up to certain standards. Standards that have been around for a long time, basically your “programmed” to not have certain emotions and be limited, can’t say the wrong things or you get your “man card” taken away from you. And for the men who do the opposite and show there emotions and actually say how they are feeling instead of lie about it are automatically shund, almost, to a different group. A lot of people these days just can’t handle being anything less than the “man” they have been taught to be their whole intire life. But who’s to say the way you have been bringing up your son is right or wrong?


  3. I agree with a few things autumnsnodgrass said. People these days can’t handle being anything less than the “man” they have been taught to be. Men who actually show their feelings and express how they feel, are thrown under the bus. People say, “grow up, and be a man.” But what does it really mean? Does it mean lying to cover the truth of how you truly feel? Does it mean not having emotions? People these days have the wrong idea of what a “man” really is. To be a “man”, you have to deal with your responsibilities, and take care of what you said you were going to do. There are a million qualities you could say makes a man. It all depends on how you interpret what a man is, and the influences you have had in your life. Who’s to say anybody is right or wrong in their upbringing. We are all different. But being a man doesn’t mean you have to hide any of your feelings or emotions. Just because you have feelings and emotions doesn’t make you any less of a man, or any more of a girl .


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