Social Media

What do you think?
Is social media like the Hunger Games?
Should fans that promote products be paid directly by advertisers?
What are the pros and cons of individuals acting as media companies? Are we all acting as “walking billboards”?
What is “branding” today?
Is “selling out” relevant today?
Are you what you “like”? – and is this good or bad overall?
“Nice to see your art funded” – can content on social media be considered art and how should it be funded?
Has Facebook changed the meaning of the word “like”?
Does social media have a gender bias, if males get less “likes” than females?
Do you feel as a part of generation “like”?
Have you “liked” something sarcastically?
Anonymity online protects media companies from revealing how many “real” people are behind all the “likes”.
Should individuals be forced to use their real identities online?
How easy is it to inflate numbers of viewers/followers?

Should you be forced to participate in social media?