BookTalk Wrap-Up


“In this book, what’s truly wicked are not the problems–those may not even exist–but the solutions proposed to address them.” (Page 354)

You can see the author summarize his ideas in his own words:

Part of the book’s thesis is in developing a post-Internet approach to contemporary discourse.

“Those pursuing this post-Internet approach will be extremely cautious–even skeptical–about any causality claims made with respect to digital technologies.  They will recognize that, more often than not, these technologies are not the causes of the world we live in but rather its consequences.”  (Page 356)

“…then there’s also a small chance we will be able to have a meaningful debate about not just the appropriateness of technological fixes to a given problem but also about the desirability of particular technological fixes.”  (Page 358)

“If it makes us think and ask questions, it is a worthy enterprise all by itself.”  (Page 358)

Enjoy the following slideshow, summarizing all nine chapter-posts of the “book talk” and highlighting the essential questions worth pondering.

Building Bridges to Set a Course_show

Building Bridges to Set a Course_PDF


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