Poetry Today


6 thoughts on “Poetry Today

  1. Poetry is a form of expressive writing with rhyme, meter, imagery, or some combination of the three. Poetry in itself as it is a study of ourselves from another angle. It helps us develop different perspectives.


  2. poetry is the written essence of the heart. when we write poetry we write to convey the emotions that are locked away; often a message is relayed, a life lesson or a bigger picture is shared with the audience. as students, poetry is a story book of hidden meanings that should be deciphered and learned from.


  3. Poetry is a way of expressing your feelings and/or thoughts by rhyming. Poetry is like letting someone into your deepest secrets or your happiest memory. We should study poetry because its a great way to express your feelings. Many people have used poetry to communicate over the years.


  4. Poetry is a writing arts practiced for many generations to come. People study this art for a number of reasons. For some people, it is used as a way to cope with a disastrous situation by writing a poem based on how they feel. Others may use poetry as a sort of escapism to create a world without stress. #RACECAR


  5. Poetry is the freedom of speaking our mind and our feelings without fear. It’s a way of writing or expressing ourselves on paper. To some people it’s just a rap without the beat… But, not to us. We should study poetry because it’s important for us to learn the difference between a poem and a story!


  6. The meaning of this video was to give us hint on poetry. Rhyming weather its coming from the heart or you putting things together weather it deals with life or not or just putting things together to sound good .With poetry its also shows feelings it make sound more exciting then a book.
    #Cool Kid ENT


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