Drones Debrief


One thought on “Drones Debrief

  1. This article explores the recent uses of drones both commercially and through warfare, with a humorous spin to it. When 60% of the U.S. drone targets are homes, we have nothing to gain in the “war on terror”. Obviously, there is a lot of negative dissent towards the U.S. with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, and even some civilians not associated with those groups, but even killing several of these people will solve nothing, their negative view of our country will still exist. The Middle East has been a region with many corrupt governments who value a deity over its citizens for centuries and the more we get involved violently in this region, the more motivated they are to have the desire to harm us. Many of the people of the Middle East have an underdeveloped, barbaric viewpoint of the world, which is really imposed on them by their years of sharia law. One flaw of the U.S. is that if we see a different part of the world, like the Soviet Union, or The Middle East, with practices and politics different then ours, our mentality is too kill them all, even if that region is genuinely evil, such as ISIS. It’s really degrading when we get paranoid of our own citizens if their Muslim, even if they are genuinely peaceful citizens; the same goes for communists or even any other social group that’s out of the norm. I think our best course of action against the Middle East is to keep the military out of that region, both for our safety, and the small majority of peaceful citizens of the Middle East. We shouldn’t make a whole village in Yemen live in fear of flying robits just for the horrible atrocities of the radical Muslims in Iraq and Iran.


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