Fuji & Tokyo

On the flight back from Japan, en route to Texas, roughly over the crossing of the International Date Line, the finale to Sibelius’s Second Symphony buzzed through the Classical music station provided by American Airlines in-flight entertainment.  Returning home, we were traveling back through time, literally.  I googled the reference and read that “the finale [be] played attacca,” which is defined as:

attack or attach; go straight on; i.e., at the end of a movement, a direction to attach the next movement to the previous one, without a gap or pause

This piece of music jargon, “attacca” best summarizes the whole Japan experience.  

Even though I’m not a band director or music educator, and only barely play the violin, band is an incredible lens to look through, particularly when examining history, the Arts and foreign cultures.  

As an English teacher, my heart was overjoyed at the Japanese culture’s appreciation of print media.  We visited numerous book stores and observed countless mass transit riders reading books and newspapers.  Even with a strong digital presence, print has its place in Tokyo.


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