Dedication in December

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Dedication Writing Prompt for December 9 – 6th period

“Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead

Discussion: Give an example of a small group of people who have changed the world. What did they do?

Writing Prompt: Why is a small group of committed people more powerful than a large group of people who lack commitment? What must a small group of committed people do to make something happen to achieve goals?


6 thoughts on “Dedication in December

  1. The difference between a large group and a small group is the commitment between the people. You could have a state full of people wanting the exact same thing, however if they are not committed to doing whatever it takes nothing will change. If you are a small group you must show that you exists, make your point clear and be firm about what you want. Show that you know what you are doing by standing firm with everything, be a leader. in order for you tog et what you wan, and achieve your goals you to be so sure about everything your are doing that no matter what someone throws at you, you will have something 10xs better to bring back.


  2. Well committed people are people that want to get their point across. It means they will not stop until they are successful. When a group of people get committed they will give it their all. A large group of people lacking commitment would mean that they just have more people wasting time. Lacking commitment means you don’t really care what happens that you just decided to go along with it. A small group of committed people can easily achieve the goals they want. Put your time, effort, anything you can do to make things happen. Because when you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, that’s when you’ll be successful.


  3. No matter how small your group is , if everyone is committed to become successful in what they are trying to achieve then they will reach that goal. People who lack commitment will not get things done and shows that they honestly don’t even care about the cost. If they aren’t committed in the early beginning of the process then they won’t get to far in life. Small groups must stay committed through the whole process and keep positive thoughts in mind even if things get rough. They need to stay motivated and not think negative because it will just make them insecure about not being able to get the job done.


  4. A small group of committed people is far better because they are focus and dedicated to accomplish anything. A larger group may have more minds and people to take on a job, but if none of them can focus and show commitment, then nothing is accomplished and more people reach failure. But commitment isn’t a trait that should be exclusive to a group of people, individuals should gain a dedicated, driven attitude to reach the end of a task with success.


  5. A small group of committed people have more drive than a larger group who lack commitment. Yes, they have more people but since they lack commitment, they won’t get much done. They don’t have the motivation to try and fulfill their goal, their kind of just there. A small group of committed people have the dedication to fulfill their goal. Although they’re a small group, they have a goal they are willing to fulfill under any circumstances. They’re devoted to what they believe is right and they’ll stand by their plan through rain or shine. Commitment is within a person, not as a group. So if each individual person in the small group is committed than they can conquer anything. If only a few in a large group are committed they’ll struggle trying to convince those who lack commitment because they’re out numbered and the uncommitted people just don’t care.


  6. I see that you used my illustration on your page, I’m flattered!

    While I don’t mind you using my image at all; it’s important to me to have the image credited with the author; myself. I make a living by selling the work I do. 🙂

    It’s part of a series of quotes I did on famous people. You can see more about the series here (and you can repost them if you like):


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