Auto Academy Day 1

In the future, as a rich car enthusiast, you require the services of a driver.
Whom would you want to be your personal chauffeur?

On the flip side, if you could be the personal driver for anyone, for whom would you drive?



10 thoughts on “Auto Academy Day 1

  1. As my personal chauffeur, I would want Jason Statham. In all of his movies he is a great driver. The Transporter Movies and Death Race are my favorite movies of him. He is very professional and smart as a driver. On the other hand, I would want to drive for Bill Gates. Who wouldn’t want to drive for the richest man in the world? He would pay the best and give you the best car to drive in.


  2. If I could choose any driver to drive me around I would choose Ken Block, he is a fast good driver. I would like to be a driver for the playboy mansion.


  3. In the future, as a rich car enthusiast, the services that would be required to drive as a personal chauffeur, and whom would drive as the chauffeur would be someone like Paul Walker. If you’re late, you need someone that can control the car at very high speeds and the know how to find the shortcuts to your destination. You also need someone that excels at figuring problems and how to exceed past them. On the flip side, if I was a personal driver for someone else it would be Bill Gates. If Bill Gates needs to get there in 5 minutes, and we get there in 2, we would get a million dollars tip and if he hires me as a driver, he would possibly give me the most luxuries car for free. So he can still be fashionable, and still be on time.


  4. If I could pick anyone to drive me or drive me around I’d pick Bruce lee. My reason for pick him is because of what he knew about life I would learn so from him and that is why I would pick him as my driver and me being his chauffeur.


  5. if I was a rich car enthusiast I would choose Chritsy Mack as my Chauffeur.
    If I had to Chauffeur someone it would be Alexis Texas.



  6. If i could pick any person to be my personal driver it would be Vaughn Gittin Jr. He is a top driver and champion in drift racing. He is a back to back champion and is good at what he does. I think that he would get me where I needed to go and in no time at all. But if i could be a driver for someone it would definetly be for Robert Downey Jr. He is the type of person that if he was in a traffic jam he would tell you to go through the ditch and have fun. I find him as a very fun and enjoyable boss to work for.


  7. Team: Fire Starters

    As a rich car enthusiast, Hugh Heffner would be my personal chauffeur so he can bring all his friends( females) and go around the city and have fun. As a pornstar he would be very recognize by many girls so, they will get in the car and enjoy. One of the problems we would have is that he might be wanted by the police because he has raped many young girls and we would get in a persecution trying to escape but, above that the most important is that we will have FUN.


  8. Team: Uncle Ben

    As a rich car enthusiast, I would choose Tony Stewart as my chauffeur because he is not afraid to hit someone if it means he has to slow down. That dedication would be something I would pay lots of money for in a driver. He is also a professional driver so he would know how to handle all of my high end sports cars. On the other hand, if I was to drive to chauffeur for anyone, it would be Jay Leno because he has an assortment of classic cars that I would get to drive, such as the very first McLaren, which would be one of the coolest cars to drive, and I might get to drive cars that I would never get the chance to drive.


  9. As a rich car enthusiast, I would want my personal driver to be Morgan Freeman, he’s flipping awesome. I would bathe in the awesomeness that is his voice. I’d ask him to take the longest dive I could, just to get to know his thoughts, likes, dislikes, and goals. How he over came the obstacles he was faced with. On the other hand, I would like to be a personal driver for Ted Nugent in hopes to gain access to his gun safe. that way I could have a field day at the range.


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