Auto Academy Day 2

Transformers are humanoid robots that can transform into machines, vehicles and other familiar mechanical objects.

If you were a Transformer into what symbolic thing would you transform?  Explain.



10 thoughts on “Auto Academy Day 2

  1. If I were a Transformer, I would transform into a transformer with the ability to transform into anything at any time. This transformation would allow me to never have to feel out of place and easier to conceal myself. #Decepticons4Lyfe


  2. As a transformer I would choose to be a 2015 Dodge Challenger with a hell cat engine. I pick this as my car because it has 707 hp and it looks really cool. I also chose this car because they never used a Dodge Challenger in any of the movies so it is a original transformer.


  3. If I was a transformer, the symbolic thing that I would transform into, would be an aircraft, like the F-22 Raptor. I chose to transform into an aircraft because of the freedom you get while in the air. You’re not limited to roads or the ground, like cars and trucks, or limited to bodies of water like ships. With aircraft’s you have unlimited possibilities and a endless journey of freedom.


  4. If I was a Transformer the vehicle I would like to transform into would be the new Kawasaki H2R supercharged Ninja. But why not pick this amazing vehicle it can go 200 miles per hour. it also has 300 horse power and its body side is impressive. so really why not pick this vehicle.


  5. The object that I would like to transform into would have to be a 1967 Camaro z28. And that car is our first choice because it is a classic and is also an iconic muscle car. And the side that we would be on will be the Decepticons side because they are cool and kick butt.


  6. If I were a transformer, I would want to be a 1969 Mustang Shelby. The first generation Mustang Shelby’s are one of the rarest and most valuable American muscle cars out there today. They are extremely hard to find in a good condition for a fair price. Most of the time when you do find them they are in terrible condition that will need a lot of work to restore it, or they are already restored will cost a lot of money to buy it. A Mustang Shelby Transformer would be the best because of it’s performance and style.


  7. there are many symbolic things I would love to transform into, but the most important is the 2014 BMW Z4. They have precise handling and luxury interior. It is a beautiful car and with my passion for performance vehicles, it would be a perfect transformation.


  8. If I was a Transformer i would transformer in a Lexus LFA. I chose this car because it is a very expensive car, 350,000; with 553 Horsepower it is classified as a supercar and one of the most beautiful and aerodynamic cars ever made. This car also has many technological advances in the interior as well as the exterior, also being classified as an exotic car. That’s why it was my first choice to transform if I was a transformer.


  9. If I were a transformer, I would want to transform into a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. Its one of the best mustangs out there. Its body style is clean with the perfect curves. with the right motor and driver its unstoppable. With a 429 boss under the hood its the allotment dream car.


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