Auto Academy Day 3

Plan a fantasy road trip.  Starting in Florida, to where would you most want to travel?

What would be the best vehicle for your road trip.  Whom would you want to invite or include on your trip?

What would you pack?



9 thoughts on “Auto Academy Day 3

  1. I would want to travel to the Keys. Chris, Courtney, Logan, Kayley, Brad and I would go for a couple weeks. The best vehicle to take would be a 2015 4 Door Dodge 2500 with a Cummins engine. We would show up and style and have plenty of room in the truck. We picked The Keys for a road trip because of the beautiful scenery and so we can scuba dive!


  2. If I were to travel, I would drive up to New York. A lot of people dream of seeing the big city and experiencing the insane crowds of the business men. The best car to take would be a BMW Z4. I would invite my girlfriend to take the journey to see relatives.


  3. The place that we would like to go to would be Las Vegas, because of the women, money, and it’s a famous place that people go to to have fun. And we are going to get there in a 1975 E300, and the items that we are going to bring is nothing but a couch and t.v in the back because we are going to bring back a lot of stuff. And the people that we would bring would be Morgan Freeman, Tommy Chong, and Kate Upton.


  4. I would drive to California. My car would be a Ferrari f40. They are fast and perfect for constant fast travel, and running from cops would be easy. I would bring $10,000 for gas, food, and for “soveiers” from California. I would be there for two weeks then come back.


  5. If I was heading on a road trip from Florida I would head to San Francisco, California. For starters I would only have a couple of my closest friends accompanying me. For vehicle wise I would take an RV to ensure room and comfort along the trip since we will take our time driving there. Along the way we will stop and see landmarks such as the Grand Canyon in case something like this will never happen again, so you might as well enjoy the trip and don’t rush it.


  6. My dream trip would be to travel out to Arkansas, Utah, and Kansas to see where my family is originally from. I would probably take a 4×4 diesel truck to go through the different terrains in the area. To travel with me i would probably take a close friend or family member with me.


  7. Starting in Florida, I would head to Miami first, to enjoy the beaches and museums. After that I would head up Interstate 95, and go towards our Nations Capital, Washington D.C, to visit the Lincoln Memorial, pay our respects and visit both the Vietnam Wall and WWII Memorial. We would then head towards the Washington Monument, the White House, Air and Space Museum, and the Smithsonian. We will continue to head up towards New York City, and spend a few days there, seeing a boardwalk show, Ascend the Empire State Building,seeing the rebirth of Ground Zero, and top it off with a tour of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Then I would head to one of the Oldest Cities in the World, Boston, and visit the Fanueil Hall, the birthplace of the American Revolution, and the New England Aquarian. Then head back down to Florida. The people I want to invite and include on my timeline would be my family. The Car I would enjoy driving would be the GMC Yukon XL.


  8. #team fire startersif we were to plan a trip we would go to California. the best vehicle for our road trip would be a 1957 chevy nomad wagon pushing 500 horse power with heat and ac and a nasty sound system. I would invite my family and maybe a friend or 2. I would pack clothes snacks and drinks and a baseball bat or a golf club.


  9. Having lived in Florida my whole life, traveling hasn’t been a huge priority. However, if I was to plan a road trip I would like to visit California. There beautiful beaches, fast cars and gaming corporations are what really catch my interest the most. If I could choose any vehicle to take on the trip. I might as well fit the California stereotype and come into the state driving a Lamborghini Aventador. Although my adventure began in Florida, the trip would be short using this car. I would pack my suitcase full of outfits that are appropriate to the California weather. Thus including beachwear and maybe some fancy clothing that goes with the car. Someone that I would love to tour the streets with and take along on the trip would be Robert Downey JR. because he would most likely be paying for the expenses.


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