DRIVE – Endurance

“All things are difficult before they are easy.” – Thomas Fuller, English Historian

Discussion Prompt: What do you think Thomas Fuller is trying to tell us through this quote? Do you agree? Why or why not?


Writing Prompt: Give an example from your life of something that was difficult when you first learned about it, but it is easy for you now. What helped you avoid giving up on it when it was difficult?


3 thoughts on “DRIVE – Endurance

  1. I do agree with the quote that Thomas Fuller has created feel that in order to get over things you must go through the rough spots to reach the peaceful part. There was a time in life when I felt that it was myself against the world. Before I’ve reached that part of life when things started to get easy I’ve went through some pretty difficult task. I’ve lost my best friend, my other half, my love, the glue to my family. . . My grandmother, back in May 10, 2003 I lost my grandmother to a battle of cancer. My family and I wasn’t in the proper mind set of focusing on life. There was numerous of trials and tribulations but with the love from family, faith, and patients things began to get better within due time. What the quote really means is you would have to go through the storm in order to see the sunshine.


  2. What i believe Thomas Fuller is saying is before you can achieve greatness you have to go through the struggle and trial. In the beginning of this school year i was terrible in my academy. I couldn’t pass a cert test or nothing. All i wanted to do was quit and go back to VHS. But, I started studying more for my test paying more attention to every little thing and finally started passing and gaining confidence back in myself. Since then I have passed my MOS Word and PowerPoint which were hard test but in the end the pay off was worth it.


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