Senior Superlatives

Nominate a category and the senior that best fits it.
Later on, we’ll vote to see who deserves his or her title.



100 thoughts on “Senior Superlatives

  1. Most Friendly- MiMi Nival
    Most likely to succeed/Outstanding Senior – Constantine Katsufuos
    Class clown – Andrew Liles
    Best buddies = DJ Murray and Codie Smith
    best personality- brandi hagins
    Best couple Brad and Katie
    Most Outspoken: Brent Delawter
    most friendly – mimi
    Best Truck: Bradley Kohler
    Best Couple: Katie and Brad
    Cutest couple: Katie and Brad
    Coolest couple: Katie and Brad


  2. Best Hair- Alyssa Talmadge-Frank
    Best personality- Brandi Hagens
    Cutest couple- Frankie and Megan
    Most likely to be successful- Brent Delawter
    Best Attitude- Precious Hilbert


  3. Best car- Krishna M.
    Cutest couple- brad & Katie
    Best truck- Brad
    Best eyes- Rachel Thompsen
    least likely to succeed- Cameron Peterson


  4. Most Friendly- MiMi Nival
    Most likely to succeed/Outstanding Senior – Constantine Katsufuos
    Class clown – Alvonshay Grady
    Best buddies -Brent, Dylan
    best personality- Janque Walker
    Best couple -Brenda and Delicious
    Most Outspoken: Brent Delawter
    most friendly – Brad
    Best Couple: Jamilya and Brandi
    Cutest couple: Courtney and Pher Pher (Chris)
    funniest person: Dylan wiser
    cutest couple that never was: Ariel and Dylan.
    nicest couple: Brad and Katie.
    Biggest Gossip: BRANDI HAGINS ♥
    Drama Queen : BRANDI HAGINSSSSS☻♥♣♦♠○♣☻☻☺◙☼►


  5. Best car- Leah szeluga
    Cutest couple- brad & Katie, Danielle& Sean
    Best truck- Brad
    Best eyes- Rachel Thompson
    least likely to succeed- Cameron Peterson
    Most likey to succeed- Rachel Thompson
    Coolest Guy- Cody White, Nathen Roberts
    Coolest Girl- Lydia
    Shortest Girl- Kristen
    Best Personality- Mason Boyd
    Best Smile- Chris Gullion
    Most Beautiful Girl- Ariel


  6. best car: Toyota AE86
    best truck: Brad
    cutest couple: Brad and Katie
    most likely to succeed: C.A.W.
    most likely to live longest: Collin Fritchy
    most ninja: Cody White
    lowest car: luke barrientos
    cleanest car: Jason Tinton
    class clown: Chris Gullion
    best redneck: John Matjves
    best person to get along with: Mason Boyd
    smartest student: john Matjves


  7. Best Personality: Alec Dillard & Andrew Lyles
    Class Clown: Andrew Lyles
    Best Eyes: Danielle Kennedy
    Best Walk: Dylan Wisser
    Cutest Couple: Danielle Kennedy & Sean Mcginnis
    Sexiest Car: Alec Dillard
    Most Outgoing: Andrew Lyles & Alec Dillard


    Best Eyes : Rachel Caldwell & Danielle Kennedy
    Best Car Audio System : Alec Dillard & Sean Mcginnis
    Class Clown : Andrew Lyles
    Best Walk : Dylan Wisser
    Most Outgoing : Alec Dillard & Andrew Lyles



    Best eyes: Rachel Thompson and Franckie Hensley
    Best dressed: Victoria Martinez and Kevin Vega
    Best car: Josh McBride
    Best hair: Victoria Martinez and Teddy
    Class clown: Andrew Lyles and Tamar Jones
    Most outgoing: Andrew Lyles and Alyssa Talmadge
    Biggest ego: Jakayla Maccou and Andrew Lyles
    Best excuses for absence/tardiness: Andrew Lyles
    Teacher’s pet: Rachel Thompson
    Cutest couple: Brad and Katie
    Best Celebrity Look-Alike: Chris Gullion, Sid the sloth from Ice Age
    Loudest: Jakayla Maccou and Andrew Lyles
    Quietest: Sean McAtee and Shatasia Watkins
    Most Inspirational: Joseph Nieves, I’ve seen him every single day riding his bike to school down Ft. King.
    Worst Case Of Senoritis: Brandon McDaniel and Megan Cole
    Most likely to be famous: Andrew Lyles


  10. Most friendly – Amber Humphrey ; Gage Hancock
    Best eyes – Franckie Hensley ; Gage Hancock
    Class Clown – Andrew Lyles ; Nathen Roberts
    Cutest couple – Brad Kohler and Katie Tucker
    Cutest couple that never was – Rachel Thompsen & Mason Boyd
    Most likely to succeed – Brent Delawter ; Rachel Thompsen
    Worst case of senioritis – Trent Hubbard ; Megan Cole
    Biggest flirt – Andrew Lyles ; Kristen Ledbetter
    Shortest person – MATT KNIPPER ; Kristen Ledbetter
    Tallest person – AMBER HUMPHREY ; Gage Hancock
    Most unique – Zhane Saputo ; Samantha Perez
    Best personality – Nathan Davis ; Ta’mar Jones
    Best staff member – Ole Sheldon ; “Queen” Nikolaiski
    Best car – Casey Polidori ; William Johnson
    Drama queen/king – Brandi Hagins ; Zhane Saputo
    Most talented – Andrew Lyles ; Precious Hilbert
    Best buddies – Antwone Kendrick ; Brandon Roberts
    BEST FRIENDS 4 EVER – Alyaa Franks ; Amber Humphrey
    Best dressed – Erika Curbelo ; Kevin Vega
    Best hair – D.j Murray ; Victoria Martinez
    Teachers pet – Alec Dillard ; Rachel Thompsen
    Most outgoing – Alec Dillard ; Robert Veazie
    Most athletic – Matt Knipper ; Samantha Perez
    Best celebrity look-alike – Trent Hubband, (Tyrese with hair)
    Best celebrity look-alike – Alyssa Talmadge-Frank, (Kirsten Dunst, spiderman)


  11. Best Personality : Brandi Hagins, Andrew Lyles, ALEC DILLARD
    Class Clown: Tamar Jones, Amber Humphrey , Andrew Lyles , Alec Dillard
    Most Outgoing : Alec Dillard
    Best Make-up : Tamar Jones
    Best Couple: Brad and Katie
    Worst Case Senioritis: Tamar Jones, Megan Cole
    Most Likely To Be Famous: Andrew Lyles
    Best Eyes: Allyson Boltinghouse
    Loudest; J A K A Y L A
    Biggest Flirt: Brandon Vereen, Robert Williams


  12. Best Eyes- Rachel Thompson
    Tallest: Amber Humphrey
    Best Hair: Teddy Johnson
    Best Dressed: Kevin Vega & Erika Curbelo
    Drama Queen: Brandi Hagins
    Class Clown: Chris Gullion
    Most Likely to Succeed: Arom


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