Respect in the Workplace



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  1. Identify the problems in the workplace that wouldn’t be very difficult to resolve. Reduce the risk of conflict by being a more involved manager/superior. Lead by example and treat others how you’d expect to be treated. keep to yourself and let others handle there own personal business. Respect personal decisions


  2. Three things that can be done to promote respect are things like not touching things that aren’t yours, consider that who ever you are judging may have life issues your not considering, and not being rude if someone asks for your assistance or advice. Respect to me is treating people as you would treat yourself, and never assuming you know someone’s story when you don’t know anything at all. Respect, discipline and open mindedness to me are the most key traits a person can possess in any workplace, especially in teaching. In the classroom, respect is treating students with dignity, encouragement, and an open mind, students should never just be numbers, they are people and like everyone else deserve these things that we demand from them, if you do not show respect to others, you in turn will not be respected. Insults and rash behavior are very unprofessional, and more importantly destructive to students self-esteem and well being. Respect is often a reflective quality, many will respect you only as much as you respect them, so never place yourself above anyone, because in the end, we are all equal and deserve to be respected.


  3. I would be a good person for this job because I have a lot of respect for people, but I expect the same thing back. I would promote respect in the workplace by making sure that no one is getting discouraging like you need to lift them up not bring them down. Another way I would promote respect is when someone confront someone about there job they need to be nice and make sure they don’t feel attacked because if they end up feeling attacked there not going to like there job anymore. The last way I would promote for respect in the workplace is to think of each other as the same like think that you guys are equal. no one is better then the other and everyone messes up sometimes. Respect looks like a team working together to succeed.


  4. In the workplace, respect is promoted by respecting each other. In the work place fooling around is common, it’s always going to happen, but between friends and only to a certain extent. It’s best if you could get along with everyone but if not just stay away from them, people respect one another and treat one another the way they want to be treated. If you’re having trouble in the work place with someone harassing you or someone else you could directly hit the problem by simply confronting them and demand respect or to leave you or who ever is getting harassed alone. You have to be blunt so they know that you are serious. In my welding career respect is everywhere, between co-workers or contractors all around. Co-workers should respect your tools and property and contractors should respect your skill and work. Respect is a huge part of working with other people and even having a job.


  5. Three thing that I could do to promote respect is be respectful, correct disrespect in a respectful manner, and show respect to those who are disrespectful to me. Respect in the work place is showing others that they matter and doing what it takes to make their job and yours easier and more efficient. It is very important to have respect in the workplace because there will be times when people will challenge you and disrespect you and having respect will help to quickly resolve the situation. in the engineering field, respect for peoples designs and ideas are very critical. things such as tools and software are also very important.


  6. There are many ways you could promote respect and tolerance in a workplace. Three ways you could promote respect and tolerance are greeting everybody as you enter and/or leave work, don’t get in a business that has nothing to do with you or your work, leave any bad emotions at the door before you enter work so your mood will be great through out the day and you will have no problems. Respect in a workplace looks like everybody gets along, everybody could work together, their is no rudeness or attitudes, all questions are answered correctly with no rude tones.


  7. in order to promote respect and tolerance, I can always have a positive attitude towards my fellow co-workers, I can try my best to do things that will not bother or upset my co-workers, and I can keep to myself. if I keep a positive attitude towards my co-workers, there will not be any problems between us. If I know of something that aggravates my co-workers, I wont do it. If I keep to myself, my co-worker and I wouldn’t be able to start conflict.

    Respect in the IT field would be respecting ones working space and working together to get the job done. When you respect ones work area, the same respect should be given in return.


  8. Respect to me would look like everyone working together and being nice to one another even if they aren’t very fond of each other. For me I want to be a vet tech so if I worked there I would want to see not only the people around working together and being nice to one another but working with the animals and treating them exactly how you’d treat a human. Respect is when you take in an animal and it is injured or needs surgery and the customer is crying or upset you should at least try to comfort them and let them know that you will try your best and at your best ability to help that animal live a longer, healthier life.


  9. Three things that promote respect and tolerance in an animation workplace would be respecting others feelings, understanding that not everyone is the same and to think about what is being effected if there isn’t respect and tolerance. Respect is when someone speaks to you as a person and not being treated poorly or being bullied. Treat others the way you want to be treated is something my middle school use to say and have painted on the walls. I think it’s a great thing to live by.


  10. The three things that I could do to promote respect and tolerance is kindness, teamwork, and showing respect to the people that are being disrespectful to me. If one of my coworkers is not being kind to another one of my coworkers, I would talk with him/her and tell him/her to not be mean to him/her (coworker that is being treated badly), and get along with him/her. At Microsoft, almost all of the people that work on the Microsoft Applications (Ex: Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or electronic devices, we all have to work as a team; everyone has to agree with each other on how the app or device is suppose to work; if I was the boss, and two of my workers are not getting along with each other, I would pull them aside and have a talk with them, if it is about something personal, they should put all of that behind them and work together. If someone is not cooperating with me if I wasn’t the boss, I would have a talk with my coworker and tell him/her how I feel about how he/she is talking to me; if I was the boss however, the person that is working for me would most likely get fired.


  11. There are many times in the workplace when you want to be respected, but to recieve it, you must also give respect. Always be kind to your fellow employees, even if they aren’t, and never let your temper get the best of you. Work hard, don’t give them reason to disrespect you or your work, if your work is above what is expected of you, people will know how hard you are working and will treat you according. Never talk badly of other coworkers, whether it be on social media or in hushed whispers at the office, if you speak of others unkindly, they will speak the same way about you.


  12. There are 3 easy ways to promote respect in the workplace, being kind, working hard, and giving your company a good name. Always show kindness, whether it be to a superior or inferior, there’s never an excuse to be rude. Work hard, always produce work that is higher than that expected of you, by doing this you also raise peoples expectations for you, and thus, puts you on a higher level of respect. Lastly, always represent your company in a way that would impress your boss, and never in a way that would make your place of work look bad to the public, if you are able to give a good name to your company, it will also provide a good name for yourself. If you maintain good relationships and a proper work ethic, you should receive the respect you deserve without fail.


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