Grad Nite 2016

Grad Nite offers the thrill of riding adrenaline pumpin’ coasters, Falcon’s Fury, North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower, wild water rides, DJ dance parties, animals up close and so much more! One cool night of celebration. Celebrate your 12th Grade graduation at Busch Gardens.

Rides at Night


The centerpiece of Pantopia™, Falcon’s Fury™ is the tallest freestanding drop tower in North America, standing at 335 feet. At the ride’s highest point, like its bird of prey namesake, riders pivot 90 degrees in midair to a face-down dive position. An instant later they’ll plunge 60 mph straight down.


SheiKra will take you 200 feet up to the edge of a 90 degree drop—and that’s just the beginning. Surrender to speed as you dive straight down into a 70 mph coaster whirlwind with an Immelmann loop, a second dive into an underground tunnel and a splashdown finale that drenches SheiKra fans waiting to catch their own piece of the fun.


Challenge Florida’s first triple launch coaster, Cheetah Hunt in the dark! This is a thrill that’s guaranteed to get anyone’s heart racing. It’s a 4,400-foot sprint that will take your breath away.


After the blood-curdling thrill of an initial 135 foot drop, you’ll plunge into a dark diving loop, feel a full three seconds of absolute weightlessness while spiraling 360 degrees, and tear through one of the world’s largest vertical loops all in night’s darkness.


Feel the ultimate rush on one of the tallest and longest inverted roller coasters in the world! Darkness intensifies the thrill of Montu’s inverse diving loop. Climb high into the air and hold on for a twisting drop, a 60-foot vertical loop, an Immelman loop and a zero-G roll at speeds of more than 60 mph…and that’s only the beginning!


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