Justice for All

Austin Hoff

New York Times

The U.S Border Patrol in Phoenix Arizona was filed with a lawsuit for keeping migrants in dirty, crowded holding cells, and kept them longer then the 12 hour period.  Also, the migrants use thermal blankets to keep warm since it’s so cold. The cells are classified as “iceboxes”. Migrants are limited with space, so they sleep up against the toilet stall when there is no more room on the concrete floor. More then 80 percent of migrants were kept for 24 hours.

The 8th amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishment. The Phoenix Arizona Border Patrol is breaking this amendment by holding the migrants for too long and also making them stay crowded in one cell when there are many empty cells. The cells are not kept clean and all the migrants have to share water out of one, one gallon of water. This amendment is also not followed due to holding the migrants for an excessive amounts of time when they’re just supposed to be there for 12 hours.

How does a person have the mental capacity of being able to keep a person held captive for an excessive amount of time, then leave them in a holding cell with little to no resources to keep clean? We are known as the best country because we are free and treat our “visitors” with respect, but when people turn their backs, it’s cruel.


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