Rule of Law for All

Jacob Russell

A couple of days ago, in downtown Ocala, a police officer going through a light crashed into a bicyclist. The speed did not make a difference as the officer was not going an excessive speed. The man, Thomas Surrency, 32, was on Northeast 1st street when hit. The man was brought to Ocala Regional hospital in critical condition while the officer suffered no injuries. During the time, the officer was conducting a security patrol in the area of the downtown. The light was a flashing yellow when the officer hit the man.

This applies to We the People because of its relationship between it and the Magna Carta. Often officers seem to be above the law when it comes to things like this. Americans often never think that officers make mistakes too and do not think they need punishment or justice when they disobey the law. Although, we do live in a country of majority of justice filled people, people of authority deserve to be treated equally as the citizens they govern.

This affects me because I ride almost every day in the downtown area and often cars do not realize that, as a bicyclist, we are entitled to the road just as much as they are and when put in situations like such, people do not abide as such. Although there are bike lanes in most of the areas of downtown and surrounding areas, bikers are vulnerable in the light areas like Thomas Surrency was or areas where there are not bike lanes.


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