State Urges Early Voting

Brittany Goins
Ocala Star Banner

In the Ocala Star Banner, they are urging people in Florida to vote early due to the weather. Local weather channels are saying it looks like there is a hurricane that is on its way. Voting officials are worried that the weather will interfere with the voting, so they want the voters to vote early so the weather cannot stop anyone from voting.

In colonial America, a charter was a document that granted certain rights. The Virginia Company promised that everyone would have liberties, franchise, and immunities. The Body of Liberties limited suffrage, the right to vote. It granted political rights to those who did not like to vote. Also, women did not have the right to vote until the nineteenth amendment. That is how it is different to us today. Women can vote today unlike back before the amendment came out that let women vote.

Although I cannot vote because I am not eighteen yet, it does affect my family. By reading this article, I can let all my friends and family that can vote to vote early due to the hurricane that might be coming. This is important not only to me, but everyone in the community because if people do not vote, then a lot of people will not have a say in who is elected. If everyone votes early just in case the hurricane does come, then the best person that the people of the community thinks will be elected.


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