Voting Rights for All

Rafael Galarza Fernández
August 25, 2016

The women’s suffrage movement was promoted in Dallas, Texas and this week holds the 96th anniversary of the nineteenth amendment. The passing of the 19th amendment happened from 1915 to 1919 when the Texas Equal Suffrage Association helped pass it, showing Texans they needed to compromise and that our leaders will finally recognize it. Soon after 386,000 women registered to vote and won.  Women’s votes were considered means to obtain reforms such as pure food and drug legislation, protection for workers, an end to child labor and legislation to curb political corruption.  Besides that, Texas also became the first state in the South to pass the nineteenth amendment. Females are growing to be involved in politics and even elected.

Back then women didn’t have the right to vote just because of their gender. Also, they are celebrating the anniversary of women finally having the right to vote. Another thing is that suffrage granted political rights and now women do have political rights and many more. Celebrating how women have the right to vote shows that women are more than just people who care for their families.


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