Abandoning Political Parties

Brittany Goins
US News: Americans Are Abandoning Political Parties

Americans are not happy with their two major political parties. The latest Gallup Poll found out that Democrats and Republicans are at their lowest favor-ability point in history. Every four years, the percentage for people being independent goes up as the numbers of Democrats and Republicans goes down. Democrats numbers have decreased more than Republicans, but both parties are not happy with the way things are going. The Gallup spokesman said, “The percentage of U.S. adults identifying as political independents has recently reached levels never seen before.”

Van Buren created the Democratic Party. Buren’s idea of a party system is when two parties, Democratic and Republican, regularly vie for citizens’ allegiance. A party system is a system that is organized and the parties accept one another’s right to exist and to compete in elections. Patronage is a system of members that the president can build connections between national and local levels of government. Some people are becoming independent because they do not like the way this all is working out.

Political parties have a huge part in today’s generation. They mobilize participation in
nomination and election. They connect the executive and legislative branch, as well as the state and national government. These parties also let the people indicate what they support and it tells who they support also. The parties provide a way of ensuring that people demand a change of government. This affects not only me, but everyone in the United States because since people are becoming independent, they are not voting which means the President that is elected may not be the best fit.


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