Celebrate John Quincy Adams


C-SPAN released survey rankings from “Historians” that show JQA falling out of the Top 20 US Presidents.  This is a travesty that must be righted.  Obviously, these “Historians” suffer from a “contemporary bias” — an insidious confirmation bias that rivets their sympathies towards George H. W. Bush.  What else could explain the elevated position of Bush?

JQA negotiated with Spain the annexation of Florida, and drafted the Monroe Doctrine all before actually serving as the sixth President.  He is a forefather of Florida and American Manifest Destiny, let alone the son of an actual Founding Father.  JQA lived from 1767-1848: through the birth of this nation and into its pre-pubescent, pre-industrial, pre-Civil War years.  His public service record is unmatched, not to mention his unprecedented historical record keeping.  JQA is arguably one of the most intelligent presidents, and historians should have bias towards his letters more than Bush for sure.

They say the office changes a man; even JQA felt the weight (see him below).  For bringing Florida into the American fold and initiating the historical site of Fort King, let us keep a spot for JQA in the Top 20 of US Presidents.  Fort King National Historical Landmark is a local gem waiting to be explored along with the whole treasure trove of tourism in Florida.  Enjoy Presidents Day 2017 at a park or in park!



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