Dow Continues to Rise

Since Donald Trump was elected President last year in November, the stock market has gone up. People seem to be more hopeful than in the recent past because of Trump’s promises of lower taxes and tax reform. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 18,037.01 on November 1, 2016. The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is at 20,771.97. It has increased over 2,500 points in the three months since Donald Trump was elected President.

People are more hopeful and they are investing their money in the stock market because they feel they will be paying less taxes and their paychecks will be bigger. People also feel that because of Trump’s immigration policies, that jobs will be more plentiful. Trump’s spending plans could boost growth in the United States and help other developing economies.

My hope is that taxes do go down so my paycheck is bigger. That will allow me to spend more money and to keep the economy growing. I am sure that is how other people feel and that is why he got elected. My hope is that President Trump succeeds and is able to create jobs and get people off of welfare.

Sara Rodgers


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