A Penny for Your Thoughts

Sara Rodgers

Today there is a big question going around if we should get rid of the penny or not. The penny has been around since 1787. The word “penny” came from a British name. Over 300 billion pennies have been made since 1787 in eleven different designs. The penny has been made from copper, nickel, and zinc. They stopped making it out of copper in 1943 because they needed the copper for war material.

Here are the reasons to keep the penny around: they keep prices low, they honor Abraham Lincoln, Americans like them, and charities rely on them. Here are some reasons to get rid of the penny: they are useless, they waste time, they are bad for the environment, and they cost the government money.

This affects me because if we got rid of the penny then prices would go up, because everyone would round up and not down. The penny honors Abraham Lincoln, which I think is a good president. I think pennies help kids learn the money structure.


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