Limited Government

Divya Patel
NPR ED – June 6th 2017

At Harvard University, 10 students had their admissions get revoked after a group exchange of offensive Facebook messages. Some students formed their own group chat based on similarities. The students admitted in early December, formed a group chat using profanity. They sent each other images containing captions that were racist and offensive. Like other colleges, Harvard has a policy of revoking admissions if a student is found engaging in questionable behavior, such as online speech.

The First Amendment to the Constitution protects freedom of speech. This means someone has the right to say something if it is protected within certain limits. A person may suffer consequences for saying inappropriate things in public. For example, the students didn’t realize the consequences for posting inappropriate memes on social media. Freedom of speech includes non-speech as well. Even though they may not have said it verbally, it was still expressing an opinion.

Although I don’t know any of the students, this event is still extremely important for me. I am a senior now and I will start applying to universities. After reading this article, I gained some knowledge on how some universities will revoke your admission if you post something inappropriate on social media. This is important not only to me, but all the students who are trying to get admissions to different universities. If everyone realizes that posting offensive things may have a lifetime impact, then students can avoid situations like this in the future.

What is the difference between a limited government and unlimited government?

A limited government doesn’t have one leader who rules, it has several people to help control the government. On the other hand, unlimited government means there is no limits to the government’s power and there is one dictator who controls the government. Yes, the difference is important.

Some countries may have a limited or unlimited government. Some people prefer constitutional government so one leader does not make all of the laws. Also, because the government should obey the same laws as the citizens. Others may prefer unlimited because they may want one dictator to be in charge of making laws and having power. Some may disagree with the difference part because they will think that the population may see benefits in each of the systems. Others may also think that each group seeks power.

Still, I believe that the difference is important cause some may wish to expand our government and have a role in every aspect of our lives. With this type of limited system, there is more equality. In other words, the government has to obey the same laws as citizens. Even today, many countries throughout the world have a limited government.


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