Oil Drilling off Coast of Florida

Perla Garcia
Ocala Star-Banner
Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Ocala Star-Banner published an article discussing the importance of speaking out against the planned expanding of oil drilling off the Florida coast and all the reasons not to agree with such a plan. It all started when the current president signed an executive order that would go against a plan that included a federal moratorium that prohibits drilling along the Gulf of Mexico.

If drilling is allowed it will do more damage than good, the production of oil is at a high with a production record of 10 million barrels per day. The Gulf Coast relies on its tourism and it is more beneficial to the common good then oil would be. What impact would this drilling have on the ecosystems along the coast? The Star-Banner encourages Floridians to speak up against this plan.

The need to voice concerns relates to Classical Republicanism and the way it highlights the need to be involved in the government. Classical Republicanism expresses a devotion from the citizen and for everyone to care for the common good not for the individual first. Floridians must thank what will be beneficial for the common good and not just themselves, the same goes for greedy individuals and corporations.

While I may not live along the coast, I do reside in Florida and care greatly for nature. I can not stand the possible damage or destruction of nature, especially when it is not needed. It is not right to suck the life out of an environment for profit and then discard it. The public has an obligation to prevent such actions.

The founding fathers decided on a written constitution and created a limited government that would benefit a nation for decades to come. It is important for a constitution to be written, it offers a thought out and prepared plan.

However, difficulties may arise when an issue is presented that was not included in the written constitution, or when a person interprets it differently than another person. A unwritten constitution may address more topics, but it may not be as organized as a written constitution.

Some may argue that a written constitution just causes more conflict and prevents advancements. Its power is limited and it can become meaningless if the nation no longer has faith in it. However, directions are better than having nothing.


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