Pardon Me

Joshua Dicapua

Our president, Donald J. Trump, has done a few things that have made us worry as citizens. From his racist remarks, to him stating facts that aren’t factual, we as a country have watched him stumble every step of the way through his presidency. Yet he seems to always one up himself, and this time he’s truly shown where he stands. The pardon of a man who can’t be described in any other way but a racist, his name is Joe Arpaio.

He was a sheriff in Maricopa County Arizona, his role as sheriff was halted after he disobeyed a federal court order to stop targeting Latinos and Hispanics specifically. The man Trump assumed that he did nothing wrong is the same man who held and bragged about detaining Hispanics in what he liked to call “concentration camps.”

For our true rights to be protected, we cannot have a leader who seemingly pardons and dismisses the rule of law and equal protection under the law. We ran from someone like this. Maybe I’m the only one who sees it, but the presidency is becoming a loose monarchy for president Trump.  It seems to be that every day I wake up and he has done something else to strengthen what he wants and not what the people want.

Personally I’m scarred, I am frightened that the man who is in charge of my country isn’t here for anyone but himself. To end, we will not see a change in the state of the country until we change the state of the president. Anyone who can pardon someone like this surely has no clue what he’s doing.

When is revolution necessary? Are a “Long train of abuses and usurpations” required for revolution to be legitimate?

I absolutely believe revolution is necessary. For the most part, every country or state or whatever it may be will have someone that will try to take more power than is given. There are also the people who already have too much power and treat their people unfairly. Either way there is always room for revolution.

Our colonies as a whole didn’t want to revolt, but we had no other choice. The king of Britain was using his power to treat the colonists unfairly in every way.  Patriots made the conscious decision to fight back, for what they believed in, which was freedom. Some people fight for the wrong reasons or stand up for the wrong cause. Like protesters against freedom of speech, that’s unfathomable, but the Black Lives Matter movement is completely justified.

The argument can be made that whatever someone else believes in may not line up with what I do. I understand that and totally agree with it. Not everyone in this beautiful country will believe in or stand up for the same thing. We as a people understand and respect that. Also, some don’t believe you should stand up at all. Just roll with what you got and that’s about it.

I’d like to say that this country is made up of some beautiful rights and laws. We have earned and plan to keep every single one that was given to us. If someone tries to impede or halt that, then a revolution would have to start. With that being said revolution only works if what you’re fighting for is right. My freedom of speech should always be mine, but if someone wants to fight for slavery to be reestablished that’s just not worthy of a revolution.

A Second Opinion

by Samantha Lopez

The Week

President Trump pardoned a former sheriff Joe Arpaio. The sheriff would arrest any Hispanic who he suspected was undocumented. He is very outspoken when he talks about immigration. This got my attention because I don’t know if it was the right thing for our president to do.

How is it that some people want to stop racism, but they don’t do anything to stop this from happening.  The sheriff should have gotten some type of consequence for what he was doing. By the president pardoning him, it shows the people that it is okay to do things like this.

If the ideas on rights that prevailed during the Middle Ages were dominant today, how would they affect your life?

If the ideas on rights that prevailed during the Middle Ages were dominant today that would affect my life in many ways. I would not be able to grow or advance in social class; no education; rights were limited to specific social classes. I would not be able to read or write, and if I was a peasant I would stay as a peasant.



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