La Tuna on Fire

Jonathan Ness

La Tuna Canyon, California is home to the largest wildfire the state has ever seen; yet, it hasn’t really been seen on the news very much due to the large number of storms the East has been receiving. Nevertheless, this is still a major issue: 5,895 acres and counting are ablaze with only 15 percent successfully being contained. This intense burn is topping the state’s records as of acreage lost, this burn is now causing intense ash fallout on neighboring areas which is causing harm to people, and in some places people are starting to wear masks. Over 1,000 firefighters are working endlessly to combat these ferocious flames and they are in need of support.

Many people are being affected all across America from various disasters and only so many things can make it onto the big news stations, but thankfully there are a number of news organizations in America that allow more opportunity for people to hear what is going on. This quickens the process of administering help to those in need. Lately in class we have been going over debate and how to have productive conversation much like our Founding Fathers did. This relates to the Press and how important it is to have multiple voices, but also points out that there should be structure in these conversations.

I am going to be a firefighter and will be on the front lines against things of this nature. It is important to support the people dealing with these flames because as I stated before only 15 percent of the flames are contained, this can cause firefighters to struggle with control issues, and it is one of the reasons why the suicide rate is so high in this profession; so, it is important to acknowledge firefighters and the work they do.


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