Heart of Darkness

Brandi Quinn


Lagos, Nigeria

Two bombing attacks happened in less than 24 hours, one involving an 11 year old girl who killed 12 people and injured 120 in Yola and Kano. The bomb blasts killed at least 31 and injured 72 others in Yola Aliyu Maikano. The local Red Cross said it was not clear if the bomb was planted or the work of a suicide bomber. However, other officials and hospitals said injury and death rates were higher. Both of the bombers were females, age 18 and age 11, and blew themselves up around 4pm on a Tuesday. Police are searching for the minivan that dropped off the girls, setting up checkpoints throughout the city and along the outskirts. No terrorist group has claimed the attack, but a militant Islamist group Boko Haram who has pledged allegiance to ISIS is a primary suspect.

In Niger there was another attack, except this attack was on U.S. soldiers, four of which were killed and two were injured. The attack was by 50 ISIS fighters when the soldiers were returning back to Niger after a reconnaissance mission. The ambush had gone on for an hour before the troops called for backup and it took another hour for the French fighter jets to get to their location. Of the 12 man team, Sgt. La David Johnson was killed and found 48 hours later about a mile from where the attack happened.

I think that this is a major threat to our nation and our troops in and out of the country. I know that there is always backup on standby, but these types of things should be planned for like they are going to happen. I think certain precautions should be taken considering the dangers and circumstances that these soldiers deal with on a daily basis.


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