Public Officials Cannot Block Social Media Users

Ta’Bria Snowden

Federal Court: Public Officials Cannot Block Social Media Users Because of Their Criticism

The 21st century is filled with all types of cool gadgets and technology that has brought many convenient ways to do different things. The fairly newfound discovery of the Internet has led way to Social Platforms like, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Humans naturally adjusted to these changes, making way for this technology. Social Media really expands the people you can “Touch” with your words, and because of this we see a lot of violence and opportunities to talk badly about people with these platforms. This as it is brings many troubles, now throw in politics and it becomes even messier.

Today we see so many Politicians on Social Media using “personal” accounts for public business.  These government officials like, share, comment and even block at their own leisure. As politicians, one of their main jobs is to inform the public about views and how they feel about those views, so citizens can then judge if they want these people to be in office. Citizens believe that their rights have been infringed upon by officials by being blocked and many cases are arising in the courts with these same instances.

The Federal Court has made the decision and said that Public officials cannot Block users of social media because of criticism of their stances.  In my opinion, I believe that the court’s decision was correct. If a politician has a public social platform where he is “campaigning” then everyone should be able to access that page, even if their views are

What Do You Think?

Some countries base representation on ethnicity, race, gender, or religious beliefs rather than geography. Would you support such a system of representation in the United States? Why or why not?

I would not support a system that based representation on ethnicity, race, gender, or religious beliefs rather than geography. I feel like it’s border line discrimination in a way. Some groups of people are very small and don’t have lots of their own. Yet some groups like if we we’re going off of race, Whites and Blacks, would have the most votes and things.

Although some people think this will give more people a voice, I believe for the common good of everyone it’s best to use the system we have now; but, just make improvements. I also think that if we based it off of those things it would be kind of like Gerrymandering also.


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