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In the vein of Toffler, Postman, and other techno-critics from the Luddites to the Illuminati, Evgeny Morozov presents an alternative take on ‘cyber-utopianism’.

We will discuss how traditional schooling should utilize future technology. 

Particularly, how do we upload MTI?

Click on the “section-date” below to view the posted discussion and participate too. 

Intro – November 1

Chapter 1 – November 15 — Technological Solutionism

Chapter 2 – December 6 — “the Internet”

Chapter 3 – December 27 — Transparency

Chapter 4 – January 17 — Contemporary Politics

Chapter 5 – February 7 — Algorithms as Gatekeepers

Chapter 6 – February 21 — Crime & Punishment

Chapter 7 – March 7 — The Quantified Self

Chapter 8 – March 28 — More Human Than Human

Chapter 9 – April 4 — Left to Our Own Devices

Conclusions – April 18


Dystopian warnings instruct us of the volatile present.




Academic Conversations


3 thoughts on “BookTalk

  1. I think that the picture saying ” you don’t have to burn a books to destroy culture. Just get people to stop reading them” is something that is true. If you sit back and actually think about it if people stop reading them books the culture will be forgotten within a matter of time. When the culture changes it because of people forgetting what it was in the past so they create a new culture for them.


  2. Orwell and huxley had two different views on what the future government would be like. Orwell believed that everything that we hate would ruin us and control everything we do. Huxley believed that everything that we loved will ruin us and control everything we do.


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