Senior Projects

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Origin of the Volkswagen Bug
Diesel Engines
4-Wheelers / ATVs
Lift Kits
Snorkel Jeep – Submarine Vehicles
Roll-over Protection Structures
Disc Brakes
2 and 4 Stroke Engines
Function of Superchargers — Slideshow
Carpool Systems
Carburetor vs. Fuel Injection
Boosting Engine Performance
Paint and Body 1
Paint and Body 2
Diesel Tractors
Volkswagen Vehicles
Fundamentals of Forced Induction
Car Audio – Subwoofers
History of Brakes

Building Sciences

Life of a Utility Line Technician
Architecture Historically
Future/Evolution of Construction
Building a Home Recording Studio
Woodworking and Furniture
Constructing a Half Pipe
Hunting and Construction
Army and Construction
General Contractor – Building a Gym

Business and Finance

Nursing 1
Childhood Obesity
State Trooper
Cosmetics and Special Effects
Business Psychology
Neonatal Nursing
Psychology and Therapy
Owning a Nursing Facility
Navy Nurse

Culinary Arts

Owning a Bakery
Hospitality & International Relations 1
Hosptiality & International Relations 2
Professional Singing and Health Care
Health and Nutrition with Fried Foods
Nursing 2
Candy Making
Puerto Rican Food
Czechoslovakian Food
Psychology of Food
History of Chinese Food
Massage Therapist
Food Trucks
Asian Noodles
Hibachi Cooking Shows
Welding a BBQ Grill
Food Safety – UDSA Meat Inspection
Chinese Cuisine
The Culture and Food of Hawaii

Information Technology

Memory / RAM
Technology within Forensic Science
Psych Evaluations and Information Systems
Picture Editing
Video Game Industry
Photography and Design
YouTube 1
YouTube 2
Video Game Production
Graphic Design
Golf Analytics
Computer Networking
Music Production
US Military
What Makes a Great Video Game

Law &  Government

Medical Examiner
Understanding Serial Killers
Sports and Physical Therapy
DNA Evidence
Medical Doctor
Dental Hygenist 1
Dental Hygenist 2
International Missionary Work 1
International Missionary Work 2
Animal Cruelty
K-9 Law Enforcement
Wildlife Officer
Forensic Pathology
Army Police
Immigration Law
Malpractice Lawsuits
Correctional Officer


Computer Security
Computer Engineering
Robotics Programming

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